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friscalating dusklight
19 January 2008 @ 12:14 am
Comment if you'd care for me to add you! I don't add people who don't comment, not because I'm some ~elitist~ hobag but because I like to know who I'm adding.

Notes to read before adding me:

  • I don't friend people who spam their journal with crap (and by crap I don't mean nonsense; nonsense is very welcome, I'm talking CRAP).

  • I don't read on a filter. What's the point? If I add you, I read you.

  • If I don't read you, I'll defriend you, and if that's the case, feel free to defriend me too. In fact, I'd rather you did, since it's a bit weird to keep someone added that you can't read. Hopeful, but weird.

  • I don't comment much, but I read my friends-page every day, and I'll have my eye on you. SO WATCH IT. Heh, heh.
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