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i took my love down to violet hill, where we sat in snow.

friscalating dusklight
he says, "angels. hallelujah."

Hello, my name is Christina. I'm 22 years old. I was born and raised in Wales, but don't think of me as a person who has inappropriate relations with sheep. In fact I barely speak the language although I've retained my accent. I read a lot. I used to write, but I don't do that so much any more. My dream job is working as the assistant or secretary to Dr. David Starkey, which should tell you a lot about my interest in the monarchy, especially the Tudors. I'm interested in reading anything and everything I can get my hands on. I used to be an English Literature student, but I'm currently unemployed.
adam monroe, adrian pasdar, amber benson, american gods, angel: the series, anne sexton, art, batman, being a geek, ben folds (five), blake lively, brandon flower's moustache, brendon urie, bruno langley, buffy the vampire slayer, cedric diggory, charles bukowski, christian bale, chuck, claire/west, clive owen, coldplay, comic books, coronation street, coupling, dan humphrey, dave eggers, david anders, david starkey, david tennant, disney, doctor who, eliza dushku, english literature, etymology, eye makeup, fairy tales, fall out boy (what), fernando torres, fictional incest, films, firefly, franka potente, gael garcia bernal, gilmore girls, gossip girl, graceland, harry potter, he says angels hallelujah, heroes, hiro nakamura, his dark materials, history, hollyoaks, house of leaves, i'd do anything, idina menzel, jake gyllenhaal, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, jess mariano, joan of arcadia, john fuckin' mayer, john krasinski, jon favreau, josh ritter, joss whedon, king edmund of narnia, la france, lee pace, lord of the rings, margot tenenbaum's wardrobe, michael chabon, milo ventimiglia, miranda july, mischa barton, monarchy, musicals, names, nathan petrelli, neil gaiman, nicholas hoult, not john barrowman, oscar wilde, paul simon, peter petrelli, philip pullman, pushing daisies, rainer maria rilke, remus/sirius, rent, rihanna, roleplaying-but-not-the-sexual-kind, run lola run, russell t. davies, sam/dean, sara bareilles, sarah shahi, schizophrenia, scrubs, sean maher, shakespeare, skins, slash, snaaaape, straylight run, supernatural, susan pevensie especially, sylvia plath, tegan and sara, ten, the chronicles of narnia, the great sarcasmo, the killers, the l word, the office (uk), the office (us), the past, the pevensies, the royal tenenbaums, the travelling wilburys, time travelling, tom mcrae, wes anderson, wicked, will.i.am, william moseley, writing, x-men, zach braff, zachary quinto, zadie smith